The PLCA’s work in support of the union pipeline construction industry is largely accomplished through the work of its member committees. Examples of PLCA committees include the Labor Committee, Safety & Quality Committee, and Honorary Member Committee. Through participation on these committees, PLCA Members can direct the work of the PLCA to best support the pipeline construction industry.  


Labor Committee

The PLCA Labor Committee negotiates the National Pipe Line Agreements (NPLAs) with the four pipeline Unions – the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, the United Association of Plumbers & Pipefitters, the International Union of Operating Engineers and the Laborers International Union of North America. The Labor Committee also works closely with our Union partners and client companies to negotiate Project Labor Agreements for major pipeline projects and/or programs throughout the U.S. The Labor Committee also helps advise the PLCA on critical labor issues arising under the NPLA  through several subcommittees. 

Current members of the PLCA Labor Committee are:

Robert Bell (Co-Chair) Price Gregory International, Inc.
Kelly Osborn (Co-Chair) U.S. Pipeline, Inc.
Dwayne Osadchuk (PLCA President) Oz Directional Drilling
Robert Bendure B&N Clearing and Environmental
Jimmy L. Crotts Appalachian Pipeline Contractors, LLP
Charles M. “Casey” Joyce Otis Eastern Service, LLC
Bobby Poteete Precision Pipeline, LLC
Josh Ramsey Rockford Corporation
Robert A. Riess, Sr. Henkels & McCoy, Inc.


Safety & Quality Committee

The PLCA and its Members are committed to understanding, creating and enhancing the safety culture and quality performance of the pipeline industry.  To guide these efforts, the PLCA has established the PLCA Safety & Quality Committee.  The Committee guides PLCA initiatives, programs, and actions related to safety, quality, health, and environmental compliance.

Current members of the Safety & Quality Committee are: 

Ryan Wilcox (Chair) Associated Pipe Line Contractors, Inc.
Mark Klimbal (Vice Chair) Minnesota Limited, LLC
Terry Hughes Rockford Corporation
Perry Redman (Assoc. Rep) Caterpillar, Inc. 
Caleb Scheve Price Gregory International, Inc.
Karl Schwartz (Assoc. Rep) Beard Oil


Honorary Member Committee 

Honorary Members are individuals recognized by the PLCA for distinguished service to the pipeline industry.  Each year, the PLCA solicits nominations for Honorary Member from our current Members.  The Honorary Member Committee reviews all nominations and selects a final list of nominees for consideration by the Board of Directors.   Members of the Honorary Member Committee are appointed by the PLCA President and serve two-year terms.

Current members of the Honorary Member Committee are:

Jimmy L. Crotts (2020 & 2021) Appalachian Pipeline Contractors, LLP
Dave Williams (2020 & 2021) Latex Construction Company
Charles M. “Casey” Joyce (2021 & 2022) Otis Eastern Service, LLC
Jeff Knapp (2021 & 2022)  Hanging H Companies, LLC


Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for nominating individuals for election as Officers or Directors of the Association. Per the PLCA Bylaws, the Nominating Committee nominates one candidate for each of the following offices:  President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President and Treasurer.  The Nominating Committee also nominates two candidates for each vacancy on the Board of Directors. 

The Nominating Committee is comprised of six individuals including the PLCA President, the immediate Past President.  The remaining four Committee positions must be former PLCA Presidents that continue to be active in the industry and are elected each year at the Regular Member meeting.  

Current members of the Nominating Committee are:

Kelly W. Osborn (Chair) U.S. Pipeline, Inc. 
Jimmy L. Crotts Appalachian Pipe Line Contractors, LLP
Dwayne Osadchuk (PLCA President) Oz Directional Drilling
Robert C. Osborn Michels Corporation
Robert A. Riess, Sr.  Henkels & McCoy, Inc.
Ronnie Wise Quanta Services


Scholarship Program Committee

The PLCA Scholarship Program Committee primarily directs the fundraising operations of the Pipe Line Contractors Association Scholarship Foundation. More information on the PLCA Scholarship Foundation may be found here

Current members of the PLCA Scholarship Program Committee are:

Jimmy L. Crotts (Chair) Appalachian Pipeline Contractors, LLP
Kevin Allen CRC-Evans Pipeline International, Inc.
Robert Bell  Price Gregory International, Inc.
Jared Shuler Yak Mat
Jim Summers Snelson Companies, Inc. 


Government Affairs & Strategic Projects Committee

With the goal of increasing engagement with governmental bodies and regulators, as well as the general public, regarding key policies and issues facing our members and the pipeline industry, PLCA in 2020 created the Government Affairs & Strategic Projects Committee.  This committee’s mandate is threefold:  (1) strategize and coordinate messaging regarding key issues facing the industry; (2) identify, track, and engage on policy and regulatory issues that are most important to our members through lobbying and other advocacy projects; and (3) report back to PLCA’s membership regarding actions being taken in Washington, as well as at the state and local level, that affect them and the broader industry.  The committee is charged with developing and implementing goals and initiatives that support this mandate

Current members of the Government Affairs & Strategic Projects Committee are:

Charles M. “Casey” Joyce (Chair) Otis Eastern Service, LLC
Alex Epstein Snelson Companies, Inc.
McNeil Mercer T.G. Mercer Consulting Services, Inc.