Board of Directors

The work of the PLCA is guided by a 13-member Board of Directors. Pursuant to the PLCA Bylaws, the term of office for each elected Director is two years.  The term of office for the President is three years (the year s/he serves, as well as two years thereafter).  The term of office for all other Officer positions (1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, & Treasurer) is one year. 

The election for the Board of Directors is typically held each year at the PLCA’s Annual Convention.  The PLCA Nominating Committee is responsible for nominating individuals for all vacant Officer and Director slots.  PLCA Regular Members elect the Association’s Officers and 12 of the 13 Director positions.  The newly-formed Board of Directors is responsible for electing the 13th Director, often the Past President twice removed.

The Board of Directors meets at least four times throughout the year including at the Spring and Fall PLCA Leadership Retreats. 

PLCA Board of Directors

Dwayne Osadchuk


Oz Directional Drilling

Steven R. Rooney

First Vice President

Precision Pipeline, LLC

Jim Summers

Second Vice President

Snelson Companies, Inc.

Robert E. Bell


Price Gregory International, Inc.

Robert Bendure


B&N Clearing and Environmental

Jimmy L. Crotts


Appalachian Pipeline Contractors

Charles M. Joyce (Casey)


Otis Eastern Service, LLC

Jeff Knapp


Hanging H Companies

Kelly W. Osborn


U S. Pipeline, Inc.

Josh Ramsey


Rockford Corporation

Robert A. Riess, Sr.


Henkels & McCoy, Inc.

Matt Westphal


Michels Corporation

Dave Williams


Latex Construction Company

PLCA Past Presidents

2019 Jimmy L. Crotts 1982 Robert P. Gregory
2018 Robert A. Riess, Sr. 1981 Gerald A. Snyder
2017 Robert C. Osborn 1980 Roger L. Pentzien
2016 Bernie Bermack 1979 Bill L. Harbert
2015 Frank O. Welch 1978 William H. Bruyere
2014 Ronnie Wise 1977 Allan H. Coolsaet
2013 John Allen 1976 C. L. Siewert
2012 M. Daniel Murphy 1975 Frank E. Everett, Jr.
2011 Christopher T. Leines 1974 J. E. Beard
2010 Brian L. Ganske 1973 L. F.Dorman
2009 Don W. Thorn 1972 Paul L. Ebaugh
2008 Robert I. Johnston 1971 Harold C. Price
2007 W. A. Leone 1970 John E. Baugh
2006 Dave Stotz 1969 R. H. Fulton
2005 Robert H. Westphal 1968 Harold J. Muckley
2004 Paul C. Gregory 1967 Richard D. Cagney
2003 Peter M. Billey 1966 A. E. Poole
2002 James H. Nolan, II 1965 R. D. Sheehan
2001 Scott E. Summers 1964 C. S. Lenoir
2000 Paul Somerville 1963 Earl Allen
1999 H. Charles Price 1962 E. Gary Morrison
1998 William F. Murphy 1961 M. S. Williams
1997 O. G. Stump 1960 Jack S. Gray
1996 R. Dale Morris  1959 John H. Williams
1995 Jeffrey A. Coolsaet 1958 R. P. Gregory
1994 Norris H. Anders 1957 James P. Neill
1993 Leon E. Brooks 1956 C. C. Bledsoe
1992 R. H. Mogg 1955 H. C. Price
1991 R. David Sheehan, Jr. 1954 G. A. Manuel
1990 Charles P. Joyce 1953 Robert Thomas
1989 J. B. Miller 1952 A. L. Forbes, Jr.
1988 J. Tom White 1952 Robert A. Conyes
1987 Frank E. Everertt, III 1951 L. H. Favrot
1986 W. E. Honey, Jr. 1950 Ray L. Smith
1985 Carl E. Smith 1949 T. A. Hester
1984 Michael F. Curran 1948 T. R. Jones
1983 E. W. Crowe